FreeBurgh is the "Egg on Top"

FreeBurgh gathers all the free and exciting things, events, food, etc. in the Pittsburgh area.  Pittsburgh has countless amazing happenings all year round.  FreeBurgh combines all those individual occurrences and highlights them in one location.  FreeBurgh is used to strengthen the visibility of the city and support the businesses, residents and visitors that make this fine city!

When people ask what can FreeBurgh do for them? FreeBurgh can be used by anyone who wants to explore more of the city, if you are living on a budget, college students who want to do as much as possible while saving their money for more "important" things (books, cough), parents who want to find family friendly outings, and visitors to Pittsburgh who want to get more out of their vacation, then FreeBurgh is for you!

This website will be used as a hub for free activities in the Pittsburgh Area.  If you have news on something free happening, let us know.   Just email us at and let us know what is going on.  Feel free to use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram  to connect as well, ENJOY!

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